Welcome Fall…Upbring School of Arts and Sciences
Welcome to Fall! We feel the new school year is...

Welcome to Fall! We feel the new school year is a great way to ‘refresh’ and set new goals and ambitions. Please share your thoughts on how you hope to ‘revive’ your Fall season. Prior to the new school year this Fall ResolveDesigns was honored with the charge of ‘rebranding’ and ‘remodeling’ the first ‘Upbring school of Arts + Sciences’.

ResolveDesigns Upbring School Presentation_Main Lobby Rendering+ Details
ResolveDesigns_Upbring School of Arts and Sciences Installation Image

The first of its kind, the Upbring school is based on innovative educational values and a deep understanding that “Every Child is Respected”. Preschool halls and classrooms were designed with the Reggio Emilia inspired teaching philosophy wherein the environment is the ‘third teacher’. With a pared down classroom scheme of white with light woods the hall was simplified by removing existing bulky wall hung cubbies and painted using a muted rainbow of the color spectrum, evolving as the child ages. Themed signage and floor decals help promote the classroom theme and encourage the visitor towards their designated area.

ResolveDesigns Upbring School Signage and Wayfinding

The Upbring schools’ main entry reception area was designed to create inspiration and an organized energy, with custom child figures and a bright mural that will change each school year. Adjacent administrative areas were brightened with white trim and doors, a soft cream tone throughout the overall walls and a coordinating blue accent wall to bring life to the staff areas. Entry off the parking lot was accented with blue doors and a wood wrapped entry ceiling, warming the visitors pause before entering the campus. Elementary school wing of the Upbring school was designed to coordinate with these thoughtful areas, including accent colored hall walls that ‘grow’ in height with the child; to be implemented at a later date.

We wish the staff and students of Upbring School of Arts + Sciences a wonderful year of exciting growth!
Learn more about the Upbring School:  https://www.upbring.org/programs-and-services/education/upbring-education-association/upbring-school-of-arts-and-sciences-central-austin/

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