WTC Viewing Platform
World Trade Center Viewing Platform New York, New York

Originally, 3 of these Observation Platforms were proposed, although, this is the only which was built. The Fulton Street Observation Viewing Platform was purposely situated next to the St. Paul's Chapel, where first responders and a myriad of work crews solemnly took respite within the pews for sleep, strength and hope.

Covered in the wake of debris from the collapse, this church survived; as did our resilience from all New Yorkers, Americans, and the world thereof.

This erected scaffold and plywood design was created by utilizing standard dimensional pipe fittings, steel bracing, sheet plywood, nominal framing lumber, and exterior grade lighting. Designed in one day, Mayor Giuliani's office and NYC council unanimously approved and construction schedule was compressed into 2 days and one night.

The world needed a view, we humbly provided one.

Turner Construction / Focus Lighting / City of New York / rockwell group
designed with rockwell group 2000
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