Brilliant Sky Toys
Austin, Texas

Approached by the new franchise owner, ResolveDesigns initially provided a small scope of services to the project; though within a few days, the owner realized the intensity of the fast-paced project.

Created within an 3100 sf existing shell space, Brilliant Toy became an ``around the clock`` design charrette. The strength of communication between the contractor, owner and subs was kept very clear, and the project made its mark for a featured Grand Opening.

The proposed custom LED-uplit acrylic transom shelving creates a kid-friendly toy box. Stacked oversized toys and plush animals roam the sustainable and eco-friendly reclaimed oak floor.

Showing off Austin's next talent stars, a full-size indoor clubhouse, complete with chimney, mansard roof and a white picket fence, features the main attraction; a pint-sized stage complete with lights, speakers and musical instruments galore.

Colorful custom lighting, graphics and signage emphasize the franchise's specialty.

Opened to acclaimed recognition, 2010
Austin Monthly - May 2010