A visit to the Haunted Mansion
Recently we had the opportunity to visit the Haunted Mansion on the beautiful southern tip of Harbour Island in Northern Eleuthera Bahamas..more beautiful than spooky, the structure Does have a storied past. Local lore tells the story of a beautiful young couple, newly married, who had the traditional British-Italian style home built in the 1940s. Shortly after their lavish wedding, unknown events drove the man away from the island (stories vary from a marital dispute to a health crisis taking him back to Europe indefinitely). The wife was told to have soon vanished. The mansion was left completely as it [...]
Welcome Fall…Upbring School of Arts and Sciences
Welcome to Fall! We feel the new school year is a great way to ‘refresh’ and set new goals and ambitions. Please share your thoughts on how you hope to 'revive' your Fall season. Prior to the new school year this Fall ResolveDesigns was honored with the charge of ‘rebranding’ and ‘remodeling’ the first ‘Upbring school of Arts + Sciences’. The first of its kind, the Upbring school is based on innovative educational values and a deep understanding that “Every Child is Respected”. Preschool halls and classrooms were designed with the Reggio Emilia inspired teaching philosophy wherein the environment is [...]
Hi there, thank you for joining us! We are ResolveDesigns, an Interior Design, Planning and Graphics firm specializing in unique results for small and large projects. With urban beginnings in 2004 in the crazy creativity of NYC we are now blessed to be growing in the the beautiful city of Austin in the great state of Texas. Please view some of our extensive work in Hospitality, Commercial and Residential on our websites’ portfolio. We are excited to share our project and company news here at ‘Inspired Views’ , along with some inspiration and findings (travel, architecture, food, nature) from our [...]