A visit to the Haunted Mansion
Recently we had the opportunity to visit the Haunted Mansion...
Recently we had the opportunity to visit the Haunted Mansion on the beautiful southern tip
of Harbour Island in Northern Eleuthera Bahamas..more beautiful than spooky, the structure
Does have a storied past.

Local lore tells the story of a beautiful young couple, newly married, who had the traditional British-Italian style home built in the 1940s. Shortly after their lavish wedding, unknown events drove the man away from the island (stories vary from a marital dispute to a health crisis taking him back to Europe indefinitely). The wife was told to have soon vanished. The mansion was left completely as it was- tables set with elaborate meals, wedding gifts laid out, all the couples clothes in the closets. In the years to follow children playing on the grounds claimed to have seen two ghostly figures floating around the house.

As the beautiful home sat undisturbed through the 1960s, a Greek man bought it as a wedding gift to his wife. Legend has it that the wife refused to spend a night in the house, sensing immediately that it was a haunted structure, filled with spirits.
Throughout the 1970s the local islanders used the home for Halloween and New Years Eve parties, choosing to celebrate the holidays with the Ghosts. The 1980s brought ravage to the home with looting and a fire that ruined its interior. We noticed all the wiring had been pulled from the solid walls, most likely copper that was sold or garnered a nice island barter.
Recently the Haunted Mansion has been host to local weddings and elegant candle lit events… hopefully the ghost couple approves, leaving only these pretty pink architectural bones behind for our enjoyment.
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